Welcome to our Community Hearing Support Services

We will be operating the following FREE services, providing practical help and support to Hearing Aid Users throughout Ayrshire:

Hearing Support Hubs

  • 14 Hearing Support Hubs
  • Issuing Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Cleaning of Moulds
  • Re-tubing of Hearing Aids
  • Guidance and Support
  • Signposting and Onward Referral

Peer Support Groups

3 Peer Support Groups, in Troon, Irvine and Cumnock providing informal support over coffee.

Free Sensory Help Packs

  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Tool
  • Puffer Alcohol wipes
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Silica Gel
  • Hearing Aid Tips & Contacts
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Hearing Help Videos

  • How to Clean Your Hearing Aid
  • How to Change Your Hearing Aid Battery
  • How to Re-tube
  • Good Communication Tips
  • Stress Management Tips

Support Calls

Offering Regular Emotional & Practical Support for those with Hearing Loss.

Support to Care Homes & Sheltered Housing Units

Providing Hearing Aid Batteries, Sensory Packs, Advice, Guidance and Support.

Door Step Visits

Providing Helpful Advice, Guidance and Support to Individuals Struggling with their Hearing.

Battery Pick Up Points

We have 27 Battery Pick Up Points throughout North, South and East Ayrshire in Libraries (during normal library opening hours).

Learn skills on how to manage stress associated with hearing loss:

  • How to cope when it’s difficult to hear to lipread people who speak clearly
  • How to make the most of your hearing aid – special telephones/listening equipment
  • How and where to access local support services
  • How your ear works and causes of hearing loss
  • How to finger spell
  • How to improve your memory
  • How to build your confidence